Qatar detains researchers for rights group

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DUBAI, United Arab Emirates – Qatar has confirmed it is holding two Britons who went missing while researching migrant labour issues, saying the men are being questioned for alleged illegal activity in the Gulf nation that is due to hold the 2022 World Cup.


A little-known organization, the Norway-based Global Network for Rights and Development, reported that its researcher Krishna Upadhyaya, 52, and photographer Ghimire Gundev, 36, went missing on Aug. 31 as they were preparing to leave Qatar. It suggested that Qatari security services were behind their disappearance and has called for their release.

The London-based rights group Amnesty International last week urged Qatari authorities to reveal the men’s whereabouts and ensure their safety.

No details on charges

Qatar’s Foreign Ministry said in its first comment on the case Saturday that the men were arrested and “are being interrogated for having violated the provisions of the laws of the state of Qatar,” according to a statement carried by the official Qatar News Agency.

The statement said that all actions taken against the men are “consistent with the principles of human rights” outlined in the laws of Qatar, and that British Embassy officials have visited them to check on their situation.

An official at the British Embassy in Doha confirmed Sunday that the mission is providing consular assistance to the men but was unable to provide further details.

The Global Network for Rights and Development is based in Stavanger, Norway and describes itself on its website as a neutral organization set up in 2008 to promote human rights and development. Many of its recent statements have focused on the conflict in Gaza and other issues related to the Middle East.

It has singled out Qatar in the past over conditions faced by migrant workers. Like its Gulf Arab neighbours, Qatar relies on vast numbers of mainly Asian low-paid migrant workers. Its treatment of them has come under greater scrutiny since it won the right to host the 2022 World Cup, with labour rights activists raising concerns about dangerous working conditions, allegations of unpaid salaries and other abuses.

Egypt’s official State Information Service in December noted that the Global Network for Rights and Development supported listing the Muslim Brotherhood as a terrorist organization, and the group has since described a constitutional referendum and May elections that led to the presidency of former military strongman Abdel-Fattah el-Sissi as a “democratic transition.”

El-Sissi led the military overthrow of the Brotherhood-backed government of President Mohammed Morsi last year. Qatar is a strong supporter of the Brotherhood and other Islamist groups – a position that has put it at odds with Gulf neighbours such as Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates.

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Sierra Leone to put entire country in 3-day Ebola lockdown

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WATCH ABOVE: The World Health Organization (WHO) agreed on Friday to use blood therapy and serums made from survivors’ blood to fight the spread of the deadly Ebola virus disease.

FREETOWN, Sierra Leone – Authorities are ordering people in Sierra Leone to stay inside their homes for three days later this month as part of an effort to stop the spread of Ebola, which has killed more than 2,000 people across West Africa, a government spokesman said Saturday.


Abdulai Bayraytay said the government is telling people to stay inside their homes on Sept. 19, 20 and 21. The dates were chosen to give people enough time to stock up on food and other provisions before the ban on movement goes into effect, he said.

Already though some are questioning whether the measure will help. Doctors Without Borders says it “will be extremely difficult for health workers to accurately identify cases through door-to-door screening.”

READ MORE: Ebola: See how it spreads

Even if suspected cases are identified during the lockdown, the group says Sierra Leone doesn’t have enough beds for them.

“Without a place to take suspected cases – to screen and treat them – the approach cannot work,” the group said Saturday. “It has been our experience that lockdowns and quarantines do not help control Ebola as they end up driving people underground and jeopardizing the trust between people and health providers. This leads to the concealment of potential cases and ends up spreading the disease further.”

Ebola has killed more than 2,000 people across West Africa, including more than 400 deaths in Sierra Leone.

WATCH: World Food Programme providing aid to those in Ebola quarantine zones

READ MORE: Johnson & Johnson gets green light to fast track Ebola vaccine testing

A physician said Friday that health care in the capital city of Freetown has “crumbled” because many people were terrified to go to hospitals and some doctors are wary of treating those who do show up.

Speaking at the launch of a public education program in Freetown, Kwame O’Neil said patients suffering from all kinds of ailments are dying for lack of treatment because of these fears.

One young girl died of appendicitis when, after showing up at a hospital, a doctor there denied he was a doctor and refused to treat her, O’Neil said.

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More job cuts at Calgary’s Glenbow Museum

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The cost cutting continues at Calgary’s Glenbow Museum, with news that 26 more of their employees are out of work.

The layoffs involve security staff, 10 full time and 16 casual, whose jobs are being contracted out.

Glenbow Museum staff have been laid off and hours reduced four times since 2009. The museum has been losing money for the last five years and says security can be done cheaper.

Sanford Lee from the Canadian Union of Public Employees (CUPE) says the cuts should have been made at the management level.

“The manager to employee ratio was about seven to one and with the additional layoffs that number is going to shrink a bit more which indicates as an organization is very top heavy,” Lee said. “What we did see was admissions going down over the past 10 years, we saw revenue from all places going down from the organization so we perceive the issue is not cost cutting but increasing revenues.”

Lee says it proposed ways to bring in more revenue and save jobs, but their package was rejected.

Donna Livingstone, president of the Glenbow Museum says with confidence that management at the museum is very thin already.

“And probably thinner than it should be and all of those people are working in additional roles to support Glenbow,” said Livingstone.“It allows us to save a significant amount going forward, which we can plan around, that way there’s no impact on our main core business of exhibitions and programs.”

The museum says it’s just been guaranteed $600 thousand dollars a year in provincial funding for the next three years and it hopes to have balanced budget next year.

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WATCH: Free bicycles for the needy in Kelowna

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KELOWNA – They’re not elves working in Santa’s Workshop. They’re mechanics working in a Kelowna bicycle shop. But their missions are the same – making people’s lives a little brighter.

The folks at Kelowna Cycle are taking advantage of a slow time of year in the bike business to fix up some used two-wheelers for charitable donations.

The business provides free bicycles to several social services agencies for use by their clients.


“I feel very strongly by giving these bikes to the community it’ll enable people to be free, to get to places they need to get to and open up opportunities. So it’s very special for me to do this,” says Kelowna Cycle owner Pat Rosen.

Ten bikes will be donated this month and more in the spring. Some going to the Kelowna Woman’s Shelter.

“It’s important for us to create some level of normalcy for the children staying at the shelter and part of that is having a bike to ride around on, whether they’re playing or actually going somewhere. So this really helps us create that slight level of normalcy when people are in a moment of crisis,” says shelter executive director Karen Mason.

the Kelowna branch of the Canadian Mental Health Association has a pool of donated bikes for its clients. Kelowna Cycle also provides on-going maintenance.

“Having these bikes and knowing they’re in good running order and that people can experience mental health benefits that come from physical activity as a result of Kelowna Cycle’s generosity and support is invaluable to us,” says spokesperson Candace Giesbrecht.

The Kelowna Gospel Mission for the homeless is also a beneficiary of the free bicycles.

“Bus service is good but a bike is lot more convenient so it really helps our clients get to their jobs, appointments, counsellors or whatever they need to do,” says mission executive director Randy Benson

Kelowna Cycle receives unwanted bikes from its customers and then refurbishes them. Public donations for its charitable donation program are always welcome.

“For me as a business owner, it’s part of giving back to the community.” says Rosen.

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Calgary Stampeders a dynasty in the making?

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CALGARY-  With the rise of the Calgary Stampeders success and star quarterback Bo Levi Mitchell, could this be the start of a dynasty?

For this team, it’s never too early to start thinking about next year. They already have their sights set on making it two in a row.

They’re of course soaking in the celebrations but already hungry for what’s next. Bo Levi Mitchell wants to be even better next year, if that’s possible.


“Be better than the 15 and 3 and then win the grey cup.” Mitchell said.

The Stampeders season was virtually flawless, but why settle for one cup when you could have two is how running back Jon Cornish sees it.

“I think winning the first Grey Cup,that’s cool and all, but if you can win it a second time, that’s how you really show how good of a team you are,” Cornish said.

It’s that kind of focus that carried this group of Stampeders to become a championship team in 2014 and set records they’re even worried about having to beat.

“It’s still going to be a lot of hard work, effort and everything to even get back to where we were,” Mitchell says.

The stamps current squad may not have a lot of Grey Cup’s under their belt as a team (two in seven years) but they are the closest thing to a dynasty in the CFL.

Jon Cornish says it just took a few years to figure out that quarterback Bo Levi Mitchell was the missing piece in their playbook.

“I think over the last few year’s we’ve just been a quarterback short. We’ve had all the pieces and the second we get that quarterback in the right position, we win a grey cup,” Cornish said.

“Bo Levi he’s a heck of a quarterback and this is his first year as a starter and he brings home a cup,” teammate Juwan Simpson said.

In sunday’s championship, Mitchell connected on 25 of 34 pass attempts, including a record of 10 straight passes to tie for the third longest completion streak in grey cup history.

Even after a virtually flawless season he remains modest.

“It’s everybody on this team. It’s the entire coaching staff, the equipment guys, the media guys, the medical guys, they’re all there before we are. I’m definitely excited about what we have on our team and the future coming up,” Mitchell says.

“We have a great group of guys. guys in the locker room, I think a lot of guys are coming back,” Simpson says.

It appears to even be a win win for veterans like slotback Nik Lewis who may not return next season.

“I think it’s better for me because I got to be a leader on this team. you know, I got to lead a group of men and we got to our ultimate goal,” Lewis said.

It was a goal year’s in the making and now they’re already looking to repeat it.

“It’s different, it’s different. Just to see the love and support from this city, is so amazing and obviously to just keep trying come back and do it for this city,” Mitchell said.

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Video shows two groups of youths fighting in Abbotsford temple parking lot

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WATCH: Video of a fight between two groups of young men in Abbotsford has police renewing a warning to the community about public safety

VANCOUVER – Police in Abbotsford are warning the public once again about the escalation of youth violence in the community after a video surfaced depicting two groups fighting in broad daylight.


Police issued their first warning about the youth violence in the city back in June and have warned the public a few times since then. They were so concerned they put up surveillance cameras to keep an eye on the areas where the most gatherings were happening, but that does not seem to have deterred a fight a few weeks ago.

The brawl happened in the parking lot of the Sikh Temple in the Blueridge area of Abbotsford. Police think it happened at least three weeks ago but the video has only just surfaced. It has police concerned for a few reasons; it happened in the middle of the day, at a temple in a residential area and no one called the police.

WATCH: As Randene Neill explains the fight is believed to be connected to an on-going conflict that first got police attention last May

A gun can also be seen on the ground in the video and on Sunday, police said they recovered a very realistic replica weapon about half a block away, and do believe it is the firearm seen in the video.

Abbotsford Police handout.

Police are now in the process of examining the video and have already identified several people who are known to them. It could eventually lead to criminal charges.

“[It’s] obviously a concern for us because for some time we have been telling the community about this ongoing conflict involving youth in that area,” said Cst. Ian MacDonald, public information officer for the Abbotsford Police Department.

“Obviously a huge concern to the Abbotsford Police is to determine whether we have ongoing public safety outside of this conflict itself.”

In the past there have already been several assaults, homes and cars damaged, and road rage incidents in connection to groups of youths.

“Part of our frustration is the fact that we know that a lot of people are making a tremendous effort to try and resolve this conflict,” said MacDonald. “But on the other hand you end up with a large dispute, maybe 30 to 40 young men gathered outside a temple in broad daylight, and it doesn’t generate a call to police.”

WATCH: Community advocate Amir Javid talks to Global News about how youth violence can attract the attention of gang recruiters

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How low will it go? The pros and cons of getting a deal at the pump

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WATCH ABOVE: The price at the pump is dropping, but not everyone is smiling. Eric Szeto explains.

EDMONTON – Those in the Capital Region woke up to a treat Tuesday morning: a big drop in gas prices.

The average price at the pump across the city was sitting at about 92.5 cents/litre, but many stations are offering even lower deals, hovering around the 90 cent mark.

The lowest Global News found was 81.9 cents/litre at the 7-Eleven on 97 Street and 176 Avenue.



  • WEB POLL: Are you worried about the slumping price of oil?

  • Shell brings back 1984 gas prices to celebrate anniversary

    “Thrilled, absolutely thrilled,” said one Edmonton driver who was filling up. “I’m so happy gas is cheaper now, especially this time of year when you’re putting how much money into everything else.”

    The Canadian Automobile Association said Tuesday average retail gas prices hit a four-year low.

    “The sharp drop in prices of crude oil over the past couple of months is finally being reflected in Canadian retail prices,” said Jeff Walker, CAA vice president of public affairs.

    But, the drop in gas prices comes as the price of oil continues to nosedive. The dip has many wondering about what long-term pain could come from this short-term gain.

    “Ten bucks at the pump is peanuts in the long-term with what this could do to the province, to Canada… everything,” said another motorist. “I’d like to see oil go back up again.”

    “Gas prices are just a temporary high.”

    Industry analysts warn that the plunging price of oil will impact virtually every part of the Canadian economy, not to mention Alberta’s bottom line.

    “We’re going to see reduced corporate profits, that’s going to reduce the amount of employment in that sector, it’s going to reduce royalties provincially; and it’s going to, through corporate profits, reduce federal income as well,” explained oil analyst Michael Ervin.

    “There’s really no sector of the Canadian economy that’s not going to feel the pinch.”

    WATCH: Low oil prices hurt government revenues: Oliver 

    The Edmonton Food Bank is thinking about the trickle-down effect less money for the province might have on clients.

    “It is something we’re leery about before we jump up and down for joy for cheaper gas prices,” said Tamisan Bencz-Knight.

    While the low cost of gas means a savings for the Food Bank’s fleet of seven trucks, the lower price of oil could mean dark days ahead for the provincial government.

    “We’re not government funded, but many of our clients are on fixed incomes like AISH or EI or any pensions, and we don’t know exactly if there’s going to be any reciprocal effects of lost money in that regard,” explained Bencz-Knight.

    Last week, Alberta premier Jim Prentice said the government must tighten its belt and admitted Albertans will feel the consequences of a revenue shortfall from plummeting crude prices.

    READ MORE: ‘Consequences for all Albertans’: Prentice has grim take on plunging oil prices 

    Experts say it’s a trend that is likely to continue.

    “It’s pretty clear that the chance of prices going up in the near future are very, very minimal and there is in fact still a chance that we might see even lower crude prices,” said Ervin.

    The benchmark West Texas Intermediary price for crude oil closed Monday at $69 US per barrel, a decline of $6 since last week.

    Still, some drivers say they’ll make the most of the situation.

    “Honestly I try not to really think about it. I want to rather live in the moment and enjoy the fact that it’s 90 cents a litre right now.”

    To find the best gas deals in the city, check out getgasprices苏州美甲美睫培训论坛, albertagasprices苏州美甲美睫培训 or the Gas Buddy app.

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Saskatchewan children get legal counsel in protection proceedings

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REGINA – The voices of Saskatchewan children will now be heard in child protection proceedings. Counsel for Children (CFC) is intended to represent youth’s best interests via independent legal counsel.

The provincial government announced the official launch of the new legal program Tuesday, which will provide lawyers free of charge to youth and children who are in the care of Social Services, First Nations Child and Family Services agencies, or receiving services under The Child and Family Services Act.



  • Adoption centre supports watchdog’s call for children’s rights

  • High worker caseload puts kids at risk: Saskatchewan children’s advocate

  • Saskatchewan seeks input on child welfare legislation review

    Read more: Sask. children’s advocate says high caseload puts kids at risk

    “Through this program, we recognize children have their own unique perspective that should be taken into account in child protection matters,” said Justice Minister Gordon Wyant.

    The Office of the Public Guardian and Trustee will appoint counsel from a roster of trained lawyers upon a court order or a referral. Referrals can be made by a child or youth, a child protection worker, a family or someone who knows the child.

    Lawyers will generally take instructions from the client and will present their views or concerns during negotiations, mediations or court proceedings. There is no age limit in the legislation.

    Youth will be asked by assigned lawyers whether they want counsel before proceeding. When a client cannot communicate their views or does not want to, counsel will ensure the proceedings maintain a focus on the best interests of the young child.

    The Saskatchewan Ministry of Justice says under new legislation, the CFC and the lawyers are entitled to obtain disclosure from the parties, address the court, file written submissions, call and cross-examine witnesses and have reasonable access to the child. Having a lawyer will also ensure a young person is receiving sufficient information about their case and possible outcomes, including permanent wardship.

    Read more: Adoption centre supports watchdog’s call for children’s rights

    The Saskatchewan Ministry of Justice says the program could result in early resolution for all parties and said attempts will be made to accommodate requests for lawyers of a certain gender, culture, or who speak a particular language.

    The ministry of justice has dedicated $240,000 in 2014-15 to support the CFC and has developed an approach with the Saskatchewan Ministry of Social Services to pay for children in its care.

    Discussions are also being held with Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development Canada over the process of paying CFC costs for kids in the care of First Nations Child and Family Services agencies.

    Over the next year, the ministry of justice will be monitoring the costs and demands for the new program.

    CFC was created in response to a recommendation made by the Saskatchewan Advocate for Children and Youth in 2007-08. It was established by the Saskatchewan Legislature through amendments to The Public Guardian and Trustee Act and The Queen’s Bench Act.

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U.S. veteran exposes ‘fake’ army ranger at shopping mall on Black Friday

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WATCH ABOVE: While shopping on Black Friday, a former Army Ranger spotted a man in the uniform he used to wear. But he noticed something wrong on the uniform and confronted him.

TORONTO – A decorated Afghanistan veteran confronted a man dressed as an Army Ranger who he believed was a “fake” at a Pennsylvania shopping mall on Black Friday and posted video of the incident which has garnered millions of views online.


Twenty-six-year-old Ryan Berk spotted the man dressed in camouflage fatigues at the Oxford Valley Mall and became suspicious with the inconsistencies in his uniform.

Berk, a Purple Heart recipient and served  in the U.S. Army’s 101st Airborne Division, noticed the American flag patch was in the wrong place and the man was wearing three Combat Infantryman Badges (CIBs) on his shoulder – an extremely rare honour.

READ MORE: Man charged with impersonating soldier; more charges possible

In the video, Berk approached the man who was shopping at the time with his cellphone camera and began asking questions.

“Where did you get your three CIBs at?” asked Berk.

“Afghanistan,” the man replied.

Berk then informs the man that to get the rare medals would have required participation in three separate military campaigns.

“His responses to my questions were just a dead giveaway,” Berk told NBC news.

According to the U.S military there is no record of the man having served in the military or in the reserves.

Berk uploaded the video on Sunday to the Stolen Valor YouTube account where it has received more than 2.3 million views.

The account belongs to the Guardian of Valor, a blog for active and veteran soldiers who are looking to expose impostors claiming military service or medals.

Anthony Anderson, who runs the website, told Global News it’s become increasingly common for people to walk around in military uniform since the changes to “The Stolen Valor act of 2005.”

“It’s actually an epidemic in the U.S. It’s not illegal to walk around in a uniform anymore. It’s only illegal if they gain something of tangible benefit while wearing a uniform,” he said.

READ MORE: More pressure for fake soldier to explain himself

Anderson, who served with the military in Afghanistan, said it is not uncommon for soldiers who have served to approach people in uniform and talk about where they have been. He said receiving three CIBs is almost unheard of.

“In order to receive three CIBs he would have had to have served in Vietnam, Iraq and Afghanistan,” said Anderson.

On Monday, U.S Rep. Mike Fitzpatrick asked the U.S. Attorney in Philadelphia to investigate if there was evidence of a federal crime, according to the Bucks County Courier Times.

“To have this guy pretend he has done the same thing on the calibre that my friends did just gets you infuriated,” said Berk.

The story of the “fake” soldier is similar to 32-year-old Franck Gervais, the man accused of impersonating a Canadian soldier during a Remembrance Day ceremony in Ottawa.

Gervais has been charged with four offences, including two separate counts of impersonating a public officer and is scheduled to appear in court on Dec. 9.

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Infrastructure problems present in almost every Edmonton health facility: report

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WATCH: Opposition parties hammered the PCs today on health infrastructure problems brought to light by an Edmonton Journal series. Eric Szeto explains.



  • How hospitals and schools are keeping up with Edmonton’s booming population

  • Family searches for answers after Alberta Hospital patient dies

  • PC government under fire again for state of Edmonton’s Misericordia Hospital

    EDMONTON — An Alberta Health Services review shows infrastructure problems exist at every Edmonton-area health facility. At some of the biggest hospitals, it appears those problems hamper staff’s ability to treat patients.

    AHS has released two reports (both of which can be read in their entirety below): “Phase 1 Current State report” provides a snapshot of the current condition of 18 local facilities, and “Edmonton Zone 2030 Plan” looks at potential strategies to improve service delivery and relieve capacity pressures at those facilities.

    There are overlapping themes throughout the reports; capacity issues, poor design, inefficiencies for many of the facilities. The Royal Alexandra and the Misericordia hospitals have the most problems. The reports suggest in some instances, the buildings lead to surgery and cancer treatment delays.

    A snapshot of some of the problems facing hospitals in the Edmonton area.

    Global News

    On Monday night, Mariusz Babij witnessed some of the delays that occur first-hand. He says he spent 12 hours waiting at the Royal Alex emergency room with his brother’s pregnant fiancée. When a doctor saw the pregnant woman, it was in an eye exam room. Babij calls the situation ridiculous.

    “The doctor even said, we’re pretty much servicing a third world country hospital health care right now…because we cannot put you in a room. If you’re going to need an IV…it’s going to be about a five-hour wait before we can get you in a bed.’”

    WATCH: One man speaks out after waiting 12 hours in an Edmonton ER with his pregnant family member 

    Dr. David Mador, who is the medical director for northern Alberta, maintains that while “some sites have a long list of identified issued…that’s not necessarily a cause for alarm.”

    “There are of course improvements and changes and investments to be made,” added Chief Health Operations Officer Deb Gordon. “But it’s important Alberta know they will receive excelled care.”

    During Tuesday’s Question Period at the legislature, health minister Stephen Mandel was hammered on this issue from all opposition parties. He said that the government is spending a lot of money “but there is a lot of need” and it will have to “find a way to meet those needs.”

    The NDP says this report shows infrastructure is about more than fixing old buildings.

    “These problems didn’t develop overnight,” said NDP leader Rachel Notley.

    “They developed over decades of neglect, intentional neglect on the part of this government.”

    The Wildrose, meanwhile, is calling on the province to “immediately release a public prioritized infrastructure project list.”

    “The only way to stop any government from politicizing infrastructure spending is to outline the priority of all requested capital projects across the province and release the full list to the public,” the party’s leader, Danielle Smith said.

    “It will provide cost savings and is the first step in addressing the growing crisis facing our hospitals from across the province.”

    READ MORE: Alberta’s Liberal leader sounding alarm over conditions at Misericordia Hospital

    The AHS report does look at some solutions. It identifies a host of upgrades and new facilities AHS feels it needs. The province has already contributed $260 million to those.

    “We believe in the long run, Edmonton is going to need additional acute care capacity,” said Gordon.

    “We will need a new facility in addition to enhanced capacity at the Mis and the Alex. But right now, because of the age of those two buildings, those are our two priorities,” added Mador.

    READ MORE: ‘Essential’ to replace aging Royal Alex, hospital foundation says

    The document is intended as a guide for the health authority and a report card for interested Albertans. AHS says it will build on this information and re-evaluate it every five years.

    In the short term, the Edmonton Zone 2030 report suggests 180 potential projects which could address some of the problems identified.

    Read the two full reports below:

    View this document on Scribd
    View this document on Scribd

    With files from Fletcher Kent, Global News and

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Many celebrate Giving Tuesday after shopping madness

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Watch above: Dubbed ‘Giving Tuesday,’ people were encouraged to put consumerism aside and do something for someone else today. Aaron Streck found out what some in Saskatoon did to pay it forward.

SASKATOON – Black Friday and Cyber Monday created a flurry of shopping activity, while Giving Tuesday was a reminder of what the holiday season is all about. A group from The Two Twenty volunteered at the Saskatoon Food Bank and Learning Centre, all in the spirit of giving.



  • Black Friday becoming Saskatoon phenomenon

  • 1 in 3 Canadians shopping exclusively online for holiday gifts: poll

  • 6 things to avoid buying on Black Friday and Cyber Monday

    “We really want to be part of the community and give back, so whenever we can have an opportunity to contribute to our community of Saskatoon but also specifically Riversdale and the people that really need our help is really nice,” said The Two Twenty publicist Susan Busse.

    “I think it’s so wonderful to be able to step back and think about the holiday season and people who are perhaps less fortunate than you are and then be able to give back to an organization you truly care about,” said Laurie O’Connor, executive director of the Saskatoon Food Bank.

    Giving Tuesday is the first Tuesday after American Thanksgiving and the shopping madness that follows. It started in the United States in 2012 and was adopted in Canada and other countries last year.

    “We hear all this hype about consuming goods, buying stuff on Black Friday, buying stuff on Cyber Monday and Giving Tuesday’s really about thinking about the community and saying you know what I saved a lot of money in these awesome sales now I’m going to give back to the community,” said Jarita Greyeyes, coordinator stakeholder engagement with the United Way of Saskatoon.

    While some people donate time, others are encouraged to give money. All funds raised by the United Way of Saskatoon and area will be matched by Interac.

    “I think it’s a time of giving not only to family and friends but giving back to your community, I think it’s really important, that’s what the United Way is here for, is to help us build a stronger community,” said Troy Boyenko, a volunteer with the United Way.

    Giving Tuesday is also an opportunity for businesses to launch holiday campaigns. Saskatoon company Aire Serv Heating & Air Conditioning is also looking to pay it forward with its first annual ‘Heat for the Holidays’campaign.

    “We’re hoping that people, or friends and family will nominate individuals that have had some bad luck in their lives, misfortune at times and to contact us and tell us a bit about their story,” said Derek Zimmerman, the owner of Aire Serv.

    In the coming weeks, one deserving Saskatoon family will get a new furnace installed, putting another spin on the evolution of Giving Tuesday.

    To learn more about Aire Serv’s campaign, email them at [email protected]苏州美甲美睫培训.

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Captain of shipwrecked Costa Concordia testifies at manslaughter trial

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WATCH: The former captain of the Costa Concordia , who steered the huge cruise ship into rocks and caused it to capsize, is finally in court. Stuart Greer reports.

GROSSETO, Italy – The captain of the Costa Concordia cruise ship is offering his first testimony about the 2012 shipwreck off an Italian island that killed 32 people.



  • Wreck of Costa Concordia reaches final destination: scrapyard

  • WATCH: Pod of dolphins spotted near Costa Concordia wreck

  • 4 questions about what happens to the Costa Concordia now

  • Costa Concordia captain boards ship wreck

    Francesco Schettino arrived some 45 minutes late Tuesday for his trial on charges of manslaughter, causing a shipwreck and abandoning ship. His lawyer described Schettino as “tense, concentrated.”

    The disgraced former captain has long said he looked forward to his day in court to vindicate himself. His defence claims that no one died in the collision itself, but that the failure of a backup generator and supposedly water-tight compartments that were flooded created problems during the evacuation, when the deaths occurred.

    Schettino is being tried alone after five other defendants reached plea bargains. If convicted, he could receive up to 20 years in prison.

    WATCH: Costa Concordia captain arrives for first testimony

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Proposed location of new francophone school becomes legal battle

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The fight over the proposed location of a new northwest francophone school has become a legal battle. The Scenic Acres Community Association has filed a temporary injunction to stop construction slated for January.

The Association says the field where the school would go is frequently used for sporting events. The Francosud Division says it need a K-6 school because its other northwest elementary school in Varsity is overcapacity.

The injunction will make way for legal arguments under the Municipal Government Act. The site was supposed to be returned by the school boards to the city as surplus when it wasn’t needed but that never happened.

Jim Palmer is President of the Scenic Acres Community Association

“The park is one of the heaviest used parks in the city so it’s a not a community park it’s more a regional park, the soccer program has been running for about 30 years so we are actually in our next generation of kids.”


Palmer says a school would impact up to four kids soccer fields which are booked more than 300 days a year.

“Our disappointment is that we’re spending residents’ dollars to fight something that’s legally something they should have complied with so we’re a little disappointed with our politicians.”

Anne-Marie Boucher is Chair of the Conseil Scolaire FrancoSud.

“The footprint of the school is 20% of the green space so that’s why we are saying we can have a school there is still some spaces for people to come walk and play ball, play soccer, the playground stays, the basketball court, the volleyball… so yes we are taking some space but there is still a big park there for everybody to enjoy.”

Both sides say they hope to resolve the dispute out of court.

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