Calgary Stampeders a dynasty in the making?

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CALGARY-  With the rise of the Calgary Stampeders success and star quarterback Bo Levi Mitchell, could this be the start of a dynasty?

For this team, it’s never too early to start thinking about next year. They already have their sights set on making it two in a row.

They’re of course soaking in the celebrations but already hungry for what’s next. Bo Levi Mitchell wants to be even better next year, if that’s possible.


“Be better than the 15 and 3 and then win the grey cup.” Mitchell said.

The Stampeders season was virtually flawless, but why settle for one cup when you could have two is how running back Jon Cornish sees it.

“I think winning the first Grey Cup,that’s cool and all, but if you can win it a second time, that’s how you really show how good of a team you are,” Cornish said.

It’s that kind of focus that carried this group of Stampeders to become a championship team in 2014 and set records they’re even worried about having to beat.

“It’s still going to be a lot of hard work, effort and everything to even get back to where we were,” Mitchell says.

The stamps current squad may not have a lot of Grey Cup’s under their belt as a team (two in seven years) but they are the closest thing to a dynasty in the CFL.

Jon Cornish says it just took a few years to figure out that quarterback Bo Levi Mitchell was the missing piece in their playbook.

“I think over the last few year’s we’ve just been a quarterback short. We’ve had all the pieces and the second we get that quarterback in the right position, we win a grey cup,” Cornish said.

“Bo Levi he’s a heck of a quarterback and this is his first year as a starter and he brings home a cup,” teammate Juwan Simpson said.

In sunday’s championship, Mitchell connected on 25 of 34 pass attempts, including a record of 10 straight passes to tie for the third longest completion streak in grey cup history.

Even after a virtually flawless season he remains modest.

“It’s everybody on this team. It’s the entire coaching staff, the equipment guys, the media guys, the medical guys, they’re all there before we are. I’m definitely excited about what we have on our team and the future coming up,” Mitchell says.

“We have a great group of guys. guys in the locker room, I think a lot of guys are coming back,” Simpson says.

It appears to even be a win win for veterans like slotback Nik Lewis who may not return next season.

“I think it’s better for me because I got to be a leader on this team. you know, I got to lead a group of men and we got to our ultimate goal,” Lewis said.

It was a goal year’s in the making and now they’re already looking to repeat it.

“It’s different, it’s different. Just to see the love and support from this city, is so amazing and obviously to just keep trying come back and do it for this city,” Mitchell said.

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