‘Families Funding Teachers’ website raises more than $12,000 so far

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VANCOUVER – A website set up to allow British Columbians to help fund teachers while they are in the current education dispute has raised more than $12,000 so far.

Kate Millberry set up the site, with the help of a few friends, on Labour Day and said she has been amazed by the response.

“It’s really struck a chord with people,” she said. “We’re getting emails from people who aren’t parents wanting to help and show their support.”


Teachers are currently going without wages and strike pay as the dispute drags on and Millberry saw this as a way to give back.

All the money donated through the website goes directly to the BCTF PayPal account so Millberry is getting no compensation for her time and efforts.

People are being asked to donate their $40 a day back to the teachers, which is the amount offered to parents to pay for childcare for those students 12 and under.

“It’s a way to highlight this very questionable tactic of buying off parents,” said Millberry of the website.

“I was quite incensed that money that should be going to the teachers was going to parents.”

She said the website is really starting to gain momentum across the country and is about more than just the teachers, it’s about union workers across Canada.

“The government is giving away $12 million a day in daycare money instead of settling with the teachers, that’s outrageous,” she added.

To donate or find out more, go to the Families Funding Teachers website.

“People are really putting their money where their mouth is and I think it’s great,” said Millberry. “Really inspiring.”

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